Masterpieces of art, millenary history, enchanting landscapes attract millions of tourists every year. The elegance of the beautiful country is a recognizable feature everywhere, just as the design maintains its primacy. And in the kitchen, despite the whims dictated by fashions, customs, trends, we really have no rivals.
In short, beauty and taste distinguish the salient features of Italianness in the world.
Even Moneta in terms of taste for beautiful and good things is second to none. Because the distinctive approach of a company that has contributed to making the value of "made in Italy" concrete in the world finds its foundation in the style that its articles convey.

Innovation, technology and design are identified in Moneta, rewarded by the preference that Italians have reserved for it and one of the voices of excellence on the international scene.

What better than an ITALIAN PIAZZA symbolically embodies the pleasure of sharing, hospitality, conviviality and "well-being" ... that permeate our Mediterranean culture?
So let's welcome to Piazza Italia, the work that defined our presence at AMBIENTE 2017, THE BALUARD OF OUR STAND THAT WILL TAKE US A WALK WITH MONEY.

August 28, 2017 — Moneta