Aria Recycled

The Moneta series with its natural Finegres non-stick coating now becomes more sustainable thanks to the body in 100% recycled aluminum from cans .
A step forward towards sustainability in the kitchen!

Technical features

FINEGRES® non-stick coating

100% NATURAL FINEGRES® non-stick coating free of PTFE, PFOA, Nickel, Bisphenol A and heavy metals.


Bakelite handle composed of 50% eco-sustainable materials and with " TWINBLOCK " double fixing system for greater safety and durability over time.

100% Recycled Aluminum body

High thickness body in 100% recycled aluminum from cans. Suitable for contact with food.


The special woven steel mesh makes the most of the inductive magnetic fields of the induction hob, transferring them in terms of heat generated on the bottom of the piece.

Pack plastic free 100% recycled paper.

The packaging becomes sustainable by being made of recycled paper from an FSC® certified supply chain. Plastic-free secondary packaging.

Water-based external coating

Moneta uses materials compatible with water-based systems for external coverings.

From the can to the pan

The careful choice of materials
prime is a valuable resource for us in the fight against waste and pollution and in offering products that are good for consumers and the environment. 100% recycled aluminum is hygienically safe , resistant and infinitely usable thanks to its property as a permanent material that does not wear out and does not lose any of its main characteristics.

Obtain aluminum from raw materials
prime is a highly energy-absorbing activity, while using it recycled allows us to reduce the environmental impact associated with the extraction of bauxite and the manufacturing process.

FINEGRES® natural coating

Friendly to the environment and health, FINEGRES® is Moneta's innovative natural coating made with inorganic materials and natural solvents to reduce energy consumption in the production cycle and respond to a market that prefers healthy foods.

Its smooth and brilliant surface guarantees results never before achieved in ceramics, for intense and long-lasting use, it heats up faster, is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion and abrasion.