Energy saving coin

Saving gas and energy in the kitchen is becoming an act
necessary not only for the love of the planet, but also to lighten our bills.

Discover Moneta's 10 sustainable tips to preserve the environment and reduce energy consumption:

1. Choose ALUMINUM pots and pans

This material is an excellent conductor of heat.

MONETA RECOMMENDS: Most Moneta products are made of aluminium. In recent years, 100% recycled aluminum series have been created such as Melodia FineGres, Recy, Aria Recycled, Eden and Gea .

(To produce one KG of recycled aluminum you save 95% of the energy compared to extracted aluminium).

2. Use induction hobs

By not dispersing energy and heat, induction guarantees high efficiency and an energy yield of 90%.

MONETA RECOMMENDS: Moneta has developed new induction bottoms to provide better performance in terms of bottom flatness and heating speed.

3. Choose the right size stove

Pots and pans must be placed on stovetops
correct dimensions. The burners must cover two thirds of the bottom of the pan so as not to waste heat.

MONETA RECOMMENDS: In the packaging of Moneta è products
The diameter of the bottom is also indicated to better guide you in choosing the right stove.

4. Buy quality products

It is important to choose excellent kitchen tools that offer
quality and resistance over time, thus avoiding having to replace them frequently.

MONETA RECOMMENDS: Moneta has always developed high-performance, long-lasting and recyclable products to save time and energy.


5. Cook the pasta with the heat off

Cooking pasta by turning off the gas is a great way to save on your bill. Once the pasta has been poured into the pan and it comes to the boil again for a couple of minutes, we turn off the stove and cover with the lid for the time indicated on the package.

6. Don't forget the lid

In addition to reducing the cooking time of food, it also reduces the time needed to reheat it.

MONETA RECOMMENDS: Moneta offers a wide selection of lids in various sizes depending on your needs.

7. Quick recipes

The less time a dish takes, the less energy is used to prepare it.

MONETA ADVICE: Discover quick recipes and anti-waste tips on Moneta's social channels

8. Optimize the use of the oven

The greatest consumption of the oven occurs when it is turned on and heated up, so the advice is to cook several dishes one after the other, without ever turning it off.

MONETA RECOMMENDS: Discover all Moneta's baked products in 100% recycled aluminium.

9. Cook in large quantities

It would be a good habit to cook with large portions, but without waste so that you can preserve the food and eat it in the following days.

10. Optimize the use of the dishwasher

Choose a highly energy efficient model, use it at full load and choose the "eco" program

MONETA RECOMMENDS: Most Moneta items are dishwasher safe, look for the dishwasher icon on the packaging.