2021 - Design of materials and technological systems

Series of non-stick pans made entirely from recycled aluminum, coming exclusively from the recovery of cans and therefore suitable for contact with food. The production of recycled aluminum uses only 5% of electricity compared to new. The use of aluminum from a recovery chain, certified by an external body (UL), has forced the review of the production processes, to which is added the innovative non-stick Protection Base which guarantees a much higher than average non-stick duration.

TYPE: kitchen furniture and accessories
MATERIALS: Recycled aluminum from food cans with non-stick PTFE coating, thermosetting polymer.
TECHNOLOGIES: Cold molding (aluminum body), injection molding (accessories in thermosetting material)
WEIGHT: 0.96 kg (28 cm pan)
DIMENSIONS: 28 – 47 × 28 – 28,5 × 8 – 28 (h) cm
PATENTS: Patent for industrial invention AN2014A / 23 granted on 03/05/2016 with n ° 1422088.
SUSTAINABLE PARAMETERS: The production process allows a significant saving of electricity used compared to the usual manufacturing of the new one. The induction bottom allows for a minimum consumption of electricity in use.