Cookware brand Moneta is committed to leaving an eco-friendly mark on the environment by innovating the world of cooking tools.

Produce in an increasingly sustainable way by developing new coatings, with careful selection of materials and their processes. And the mission that Moneta has set itself . The company acts with concrete and measurable facts that demonstrate the renewed commitment to seriously do its part, to guarantee food safety and a lower environmental impact.

The awareness of the 100% Italian supply chain is highlighted by the ISO 14001 environmental management system and SA8000 corporate social responsibility certifications. 

An explicit declination of these values ​​is the Aria Recycled line. The collection truly tells the concept of green imprint in all the elements that constitute it.

• The body is made of 100% recycled aluminum from cans. Obtaining aluminum from raw materials is a highly energy-absorbing activity, using it recycled therefore also means reducing the environmental impact associated with the extraction of its raw material (bauxite) and the manufacturing process. It is also possible to recycle it infinite times and 100%, it is a permanent material which means it does not wear out and does not lose any of its main characteristics.

• The non-stick coating is Finegres ®. A No PTFE, No Pfas, No Nickel, No BPA coating, made with inorganic materials and natural solvents to reduce the energy consumption of the production cycle and respond to a market that prefers healthy foods. • The handle is in Bakelite composed of 50% eco-sustainable materials (40% of wood pulp certified by the FSC supply chain coming from the recovery of sustainable forestry resources and 10% of recycled Bakelite obtained from processing waste). • The external covering is made with water-based paints. • The Net Induction bottom is characterized by the special woven steel mesh that makes the most of the inductive magnetic fields. It is made using Impact Bonding technology, the hot pressure process that ensures perfect anchoring of the induction base to the aluminum body. • The sustainable packaging is made of recycled paper from an FSC certified supply chain.

The Moneta imprint in store

To support retailers in communicating the brand's green vision, Moneta has set up in-store communication tools. An impactful display, window signs, leaflets... which highlight the green value of the projects. With a QR code that leads you to delve deeper into sustainability issues on the Moneta website.

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